Kami Writes - Freelance Copywriter for Health, Wellness and eCommerce


Hi, I’m Kami and I am a freelance copywriter that specialises in Health, Wellness & eCommerce topics.

Since working in the eCommerce industry for over 7 years, I understood how important content was for the online reach.

My eCommerce experience comes from working with healthcare manufacturing companies and cookery supplies for restaurants and domestics.

Writing came along pretty naturally as no websites can live only with images while bringing in organic sales and ranking high in Google search at the same time.

For example, I found myself focusing more on the content of a product description that would match a live PPC campaign rather building backlinks without a relevant page for them.

The same goes for marketing: there’s no good coming from a poorly executed campaign with the wrong tone of voice. I kow so because I’ve experienced the worst that could come from them.

Health & Wellness are two topics that I feel confident writing about but I would not stop my knowledge and skills in them. I want all brands to be able to access a better online experience whenever possible, for any projects/topics.

If you’d like to find out more, take a look at my copywriting services, browse through some of my work, see who I’ve written for or if you have something in mind get in touch.